My review of Cherringham – The Last Puzzle by Neil Richards and Matthew Costello

I was really intrigued with the description and blurb of this book, so was delighted when I was given the opportunity to review it from the publishers Bastei Entertainment via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  The book is a quick read and comes under the cosy mystery genre.  For those not aware, this installment is part of a series in which a new mystery thriller is released every month so there is never very long to await the next in the series, ideal for those impatient people like me!  This is the first that I have read in the series and it was a lovely way to pass a few hours.  The story focuses around the will of eccentric Quentin Andrews who passes away and leaves the main beneficiaries a challenge to solve if they want to receive the monies that he has left behind – there can only be one winner.  There are some twists and turns and the plot flows at a nice pace with the two main characters being strong enough to hold their sections of the book easily.  This book is published on 1st June 2015.



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