My review of Stealing Power by Bo Brennan

I read this book as part of an online book club – it was selected as the most popular book to read in May 2015. This book is the first installment in a trilogy.  The story centres around two main characters – Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt and Detective India Kane. Detective Kane is based in Hampshire and DCI Colt is based in London. Colt moves from London to Hampshire to lead the case of catching a serial rapist who drugs his victims and then videos the attack and rapes that happen to his victims whilst they are under the influence of the drug. Most of his victims are not even aware that they have been violated and filmes until well after the event when a DVD of he attack is sent to them, at this point DNA evidence has been washed away and the drugs are out of their system. The rapist has major issues with DCI Colt and thrives off sending copies of the videos to him at the same time as the victims. The DVD’s have been tormenting Colt for the last three years now…  Colt and Kane do not get on at all once partnered together but you can tell that there is a spark which builds through the book. Kane is a strong-willed female character, feisty and is not a people person having a secret hidden past which makes her reluctant to trust, for me she was the main character and focus of the book. The case was initially hers until the link was made to the DVDs being received by Colt and he arrived and took over from her, initially creating some rather bitter resentment. The author has built upon this excellently and really plays on the relationship that they have, sometimes funny, sometimes sexy, but mostly work.  I did guess quite a few times who was responsible for the crimes, only to be wrong time and time again!!  No hesitation to give the book 5 stars and I have added the follow-up to my wish list.