My review of The Dragon Children: The Prophecy by Hannah Byrnes

The book is a pure work of fantasy – dragons, magic and trolls abound in the magical city of Zomak. The book focusses around two children – Bridget and Kai who have been born with birthmarks that show that they will be Dragon Children and their journey once they arrive in the capital city of Zomak. It is here that they hear of a nest of dragon eggs being kept in a temple on the mysterious mountain known as the Shard. As part of their training Bridget and Kai have to learn to read the Dragons Code, so they are able to pass the wisdom and magic of dragons onto the rest of mankind. This initially goes well but there are those who are intent on destroying magic. One night, the Iron Queen strikes, Bridget and Kai are separated, Zomak is destroyed and the eggs are lost. The outlook is bleak but there is talk of a Prophecy, where dragons rule the skies once more… Overall the story is very good, it was slightly disjointed in places and I felt it jumped around at times but this didn’t really detract from the plot for me but I can see that it could be a little bit confusing for some, if you do find this, I really recommend you persist with the book. I particularly liked the friendship between the two main characters of Bridget and Kai and how this developed together and how they were built upon indovidually with the supportive characters added. I read this book as I know the author and illustrator and watched the book grow through updates and posts on social media. The plot intrigued me as it seemed to contain so much – I still wonder how she had all this in her head!  I wasn’t asked to review the book so this is an honest opinion – no hesitation from me to give the book 4.5 stars – what an achievement for a first novel and a fantasy book at that! All proceeds from sales of the book are all being donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation