My review of A Kiss in the Dark by Lisa Fox

I was contacted directly by the author and asked if I wanted to review this book in exchange for my honest opinion.  The story tells the meeting and start of a relationship between Grace and Ryan.  Grace is an author, with a lot of personal baggage, she is looking to get a new website set up, and as a result, meets Ryan, who is her new web designer, and also an amateur boxer and all-around playboy.  Grace has got too many responsibilities with deadlines to meet and a sick father to care for. The two characters play off each other very well and the book made me smile as I read through it.  Ryan in a way becomes her muse.  Ryan wants Grace badly, and the feeling is mutual, but while he’s building her new website, they have to keep things strictly professional but then there is a power surge and blackout across Manhattan. Feeling the mutual attraction, Ryan offers to walk Grace home, this is on his own time and whatever happens in the dark doesn’t count… He’s falling hard for Grace and he is a man used to winning. The only problem is, he’s got to convince her that he’s worthy of her trust. The story flows really well, the relationship develops and grows but not without a few stumbling blocks.  Its a really good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it – easy 5 stars and a lovely way to pass a few hours.