My review of the Sunset Beach Romance Series by Angela Ford, Sharon Kleve, Jennifer Conner and Natalie-Nicole Bates

I recently read Four Weddings and a Fiasco: The Wedding Switch by Sharon Kleve and thoroughly enjoyed it, so was delighted when Sharon contacted me and asked me if I wanted to review the Sunset Beach Romance Series. 

The series consists for four novellas, each written by a different author, with each book telling a story about one of the four lead female characters.  I loved that they all link and that the transition between the authors is flawless.  You meet the characters in the first book and they develop throughout the series and get to learn more about them and their back stories. I loved reading this series, it was such a lovely way to pass an autumn day being wrapped up in a warm blanket with a hot drink and being whisked away with them to Summer Beach.  Highly recommended – each book deserves 5 stars

The first in the series is Sunset Kisses – Angela Ford
There’s always one man in your life you will never forget and that one special spot where it all began…  Alivia Jones sold her soul to the CEO of Financial Freedom. Sexy, rich and powerful on Wall Street; Brent Atwood wanted Alivia. She wanted his signature on her paycheck. Until she realized he didn’t own her. Alivia resigns, ends her arrangement with Brent and accepts the invitation for her tenth reunion with her friends in Sunset Beach.  She revisits the tall oak from where she watched the sunsets with Jacob Adams. Her childhood sweetheart; the one she left behind broken-hearted. She wondered if there’d been too many miles and years in between. Her doubts are answered when he joins her at their special spot.
Will one sunset, one kiss and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?

The second in the series is Sunset Nights – Sharon Kleve
Fiona Paxton left Sunset Beach the day she graduated from high school and never looked back. Working as a fashion designer in Los Angeles California is all she ever wanted.  Ten years later, Fiona wants more than money—she wants a caring man. Not one who worries more about how white his teeth are or if his spray tan needs a touch up, than he does about her.   Trip Delacruz gave up the big city to settle down in Sunset Beach tending his bees and making honey.   One look at Fiona and Trip is hooked. Her chestnut hair and blues eyes sparkle when she talks about the Sunset Beach Resort renovation. He would give anything if Fiona looked at him the way she does at the sunset every night.   Will one sunset, one kiss, and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?

The third in the series is Sunset Waves – Jennifer Conner
Mateo Medina has the perfect job in New York City, the perfect condo and the perfect car, so why are his anxiety attacks getting worse by the day? All he needs is a short vacation and a few days off in the sleepy little resort town of Sunset Beach. Then everything will go back to normal. His Perfect Life.   Kyra can’t believe that things can get any worse. The first guest has arrived at the Sunset Beach Resort and they aren’t even open for business. Someone’s hacked the resort’s website. She has to make things work for their guest, it’s not his fault. She also has to make sure to stomp on the feelings she’s having for him. He’s going to be gone in a few days and she has too much work to do to prepare for the resorts opening.   Mateo and Kyra need to work together to resolve the resorts problems. Will they both find that there is more to life than work…can there possibly be love?

The final instalment is Sunset Surprise – Natalie-Nicole Bates
This is probably the toughest book in the series as it covers a few harder subjects.  Summer Whitney’s life is spinning out of control. After the death of her fiancé, she closed her successful tattoo shop and travelled the world searching for something or someone to hold on to.   A reunion at Sunset Beach brought about a hasty decision to move back home seeking reconnection with her friends and family. But a surprise visit from ex love Kimon Galanos brings shocking news of the past – and the present.   Will Summer remain long enough in Sunset Beach to rekindle love and finally find the last happiness that has eluded her all of her life, or will she run away again, this time forever?





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