My review of 24 hours by Claire Seeber

Here today. Dead tomorrow?
My best friend, Emily, is dead – killed last night in a hotel fire.
But it was meant to be me.
Now I have 24 hours to find my daughter.
Before he finds out I’m still alive.

Wow – 24 Hours is a fast-paced, intelligent psychological thriller that will leave you breathless,.  This book was wonderfully intense and tense, fast paced and ultimately a fabulous, edge of your seat thriller, wonderful for a cold autumnal or winter day when you can wrap up warm in a blanket and envelop yourself in the story.  The chapters are punchy and action packed.  Seeber runs two stories at the same time, the past and the present and will keep you on tenterhooks right up to the end.   I can normally guess the ending on books but this one left me guessing up to the end….