Blog Tour and Review -Blue Eel by Lorne Dixon

Today I have the pleasure of taking part in the blog tour for Lorne Dixon’s excellent thriller – Blue Eel

This is a fast paced thriller and I read it in almost one sitting – well a girl has got to sleep!

Long suspected of guilt in his daughter’s disappearance, Branson Turaco’s life takes an abrupt turn when he learns that a lock of her hair has been found in a child predator’s home. He buys an unlicensed handgun, enlists the help of a disgraced filmmaker and a desperate intern, and heads out onto the open road. Clinging to the faint hope that his daughter might still be alive, Branson follows a twisted path into an unknown world of terror within a post-human drug cult.

This book is horror aficionado Lorne Dixon’s new thriller subset in a thrilling, psychedelic world.   A notable voice in the horror genre, when asked about this boom, Dixon has said that the time is right for the progressive horror subset to expand and explore new avenues of storytelling.   “Horror has never been more popular,” Dixon explains. “Soccer moms watch The Walking Dead, listen to Rob Zombie and buy tickets to see The Conjuring. The time is ripe for new voices, new ideas and new stories.”

I wasn’t sure where this book would take me when I started reading it but I was glad with where I ended up.  I had read the blurb and summary of the book and knew that I wanted to know more and how the author would deal with the genre known as ‘progressive horror’.  With it being Christmas there are a lot of seasonal romantic fiction books flooding the market and I wanted to pick something away from this and this book for me ticked all the boxes of what I was looking for.

In this nail-biting thriller, Dixon explores some really tough subjects including the impact of media crime coverage, moral relativity and situational ethics when the things that matter most are on the line and the changing relationship between storytellers and their readers, with a narrative that largely refuses to place value statements on the events described, leaving the readers responsible for their own interpretations. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the chapters are kept short and punchy to keep the reader gripped, it cover some really tough subject areas such as child abduction, cults, murder and assaults and beatings really well with enough content that you stay gripped but not put off by the topics.  I kept reading way past the time I would normally go to bed as I wanted to see how the book ended and I wasn’t disappointed.  The cover is graphic and gives an insight in to the dark content of the book.  4 stars from me and look forward to more from Dixon in the future – if you are looking for something away from the norm with a bit of a twist, this is the book for you!!