My review of Your Blood is a Lovely Colour by Hannah Lily Arbuthnott

Sasha is an immortal demon who has harnessed the ability to change into the form of a human to conceal herself from society, but as humanity further extends its reach across the planet it becomes almost impossible for her to hunt her favourite prey – humans themselves. Finding herself at the mercy of the police after her true nature is revealed to the public, she is forced to use her own humanity to escape – a humanity that comes at a fatal price.

I was offered the opportunity to read and review this book for Hannah earlier on this year but have only recently got around to reading it – I really wish now that I’d read it earlier – its one of the better books that I have read this year – and having read over 500, that’s saying something!

I loved her style of writing and how the characters from the past, and the present interacted. The different sections between Asta and Dante in the past were written with real care and attention to get the atmosphere of 2000 years ago just right. The present writing of Sasha, Nate and Missy flowed just as well and it was great to see someone writing with such passion in both periods.

When I first finished the book I was looking at 4-4.5 stars for it, but when I found myself thinking about it after I’d finished, I knew it had to be 5 stars, it left me with something and I do feel privileged to have been contacted by Hannah to review the book – very highly recommended.

An except is shown below

‘She stood slowly, and his jaw dropped as she started to change before him. The hollows of her eyes began to darken, turning into a black that spread out across her skin like an ink stain on white paper. Her fingers lengthened into claws, ears into sharp points, eyes into bottomless pits of darkness. Her mouth widened across the changing features of her face to reveal red teeth as he looked on in horror. Her body began to morph, bones lengthening and thickening, and by the time she was standing she was no longer a girl stuck in a prison cell; she was a monster trapped in a cage.’




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