My review of Dead Lost by Helen H Durrant

An abandoned cotton mill holds horrific secrets…

I am fairly new to reading books by Helen H Durrant but I have read two so far and loved both them.  I had this one on my wish list so was delighted when it was released.  I love her writing style, the characters are great and work so well together.  The plots are realistic, detailed and you can imagine them happening, unlike some other books out there which are good but a bit too unrealistic for me.

In DEAD LOST, Police partners, D.I. Calladine and D.S. Ruth Bayliss face one of their toughest challenges yet. A group of homeless people have set up camp in the grounds of a disused cotton mill belonging to local businessman Damien Chase.  But one of the men is not what he seems. He has a secret he will do anything to cover up. And once Calladine and Bayliss investigate, they find the crimes go much further than they could have ever imagined.  Will Ruth be able to juggle her personal and professional lives, and can Calladine deal with their new boss, a woman he neither trusts nor likes? Willing to do anything to bring terrible suffering to an end, Calladine make an astonishing move . . .

This book is out now – I highly recommend if you love crime fiction!!  Its fast paced and it gripped me and I read it in a day, it was a ‘just one more page’ job and I ended up finishing it!  The plot is great, it covers a lot of tough and uncomfortable subjects but they are done so well.  5 stars from me.