My review of Game of Lies by Tess Diamond

This is the second book in the O’Connor & Kincaid series and this kept the brilliant pace from the first book, Dangerous Games.  Tess Diamond has again written a brilliant book and I read it in one sitting and loved every page.

In this book, time is running out for Special Agent Maggie Kincaid…

A Senator daughter has been kidnapped, and the FBI’s best hostage negotiator Agent Kincaid knows something isn’t right. What started as a routine case has spiralled into political conspiracy – with a young girl’s life on the line.

Teaming up with ex-forces security expert Jake O’Connor, Maggie must fight the victim’s family and her own FBI bosses to rescue the innocent girl trapped in the middle of this dangerous game – before it’s too late. But when clues from the case trigger memories of her own kidnapping, she discovers that her past demons might be the most deadly enemy of all.

I loved the first in the series and was delighted when Tess offered me the opportunity to review the second and third books too in exchange for honest reviews – I have read a lot of crime fiction and police procedurals and this book is up there with the best of those I have read – I loved it!!  The characters are believable and I really enjoyed how they have developed and Maggie is a brilliant lead character, a kick ass woman in predominately a man’s world – I’m looking forward to the third and final book – 5 stars!!