My review of In The Shadows by Tara Lyons

All I could say when I finished this book was OMG!!!  I thought I was being pretty smart and has guessed the identity of the murdered, boy was I wrong, I did not see that coming – what an excellent debut it is from Tara Lyons.

The blurb – “Detective Inspector Denis Hamilton is tasked with apprehending a brutal murderer stalking the streets of London – and leaving not a shred of DNA evidence. As the suspect list mounts, his frustration and pressure from his superiors intensify. Grace Murphy, who is dealing with the recent loss of her beloved grandfather, falls deeper into despair when her friends’ bodies are discovered. Fearing she may be the killer’s next target, she begins to question if her horrifying nightmares are the key to unravelling the murderer’s identity. How far would you go to uncover the truth? Would you venture into the shadows to unmask a killer?”

As I have mentioned briefly above, I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  After seeing the reviews for this book, and it being a new author in one of my favourite genres I knew I had to get my hands on a copy of the book, so when I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review I jumped at the chance to get stuck in and see what all the fuss was about – was the book really as good as everyone was saying??- well now I’ve read it… YES!!!

Its a brilliant debut.  I enjoyed the characters, the plot had twists and turns and I really didn’t see the end coming (and I’m normally pretty good at guessing whodunit).  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not hesitate to give the book five stars and to recommend it to anyone who loves the crime genre, those that love a good thriller, or just want a well written, fast paced and compelling read – Very highly recommended – 5 stars





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