My review of Conspiracy of Ravens by Robin Roughley

When a body is found on the railway tracks it looks at first like a suicide until Lasser discovers that the man had been drugged before having his arms and legs bound As he tries to discover the identity of the dead man the trail leads to a world of parties and dark fantasy. A world where the powerful are in charge and the weak are made to suffer for their twisted pleasure. But someone is taking their own revenge on the party-goers, someone who will stop at nothing to bring the guilty to their knees, someone with an agenda far darker than those involved.

Although this is book 11 in the series I found it excellent to read as a standalone having previously only read the first book in the series.  The books are probably good to read in order as it is a series but not reading the rest of the series before I picked up this one didn’t hamper my reading at all, I know that this is sometimes a concern for people joining a series part way through but I wouldn’t hesitate to just jump right in with this one.

For me the book started with promised and grew from there – it really is an excellent read  and a really thrilling page turner. I’m glad I was given an opportunity to read and review the book in exchange for my honest opinion, it is one of the better books that I have read of this genre and there are an awful lot of excellent books being published at the moment.

I thought that the characters were great and had a genuine appeal to them, my only thoughts with the book was why DS Lasser was dealing with it at the outset and not the BTP but that’s me just being picky! I have now bought several of the other books in the series and really looking forward to getting my teeth in to them if this one is anything to go by – 5 stars from me and very highly recommended.   Many thanks to the author letting me have a review copy!