My review of With Deadly Intent by KA Richardson

Wow – that was my first thought when I finished reading this – what a fantastic storyline!!


When Crime Scene Manager, Cass Hunt, is called to a fatal road traffic collision in the dead of night, not all is as it seems and the last thing she expects is to end up working on a murder case with DCI Alex McKay. More gruesome murders, a dead dog, and a startling revelation has the whole of the North East Police force reeling. Will they catch him before his latest prize becomes another victim and he fades into the shadows once more? From the tree-line, someone is watching, and he doesn’t like where the investigation leads. Taking his time, he plans and executes each kill. He will not rest until his job is complete. One thing’s for certain, his intent is deadly, he’s dangerous, and he’s coming for her.

This is a fantastic read – it’s fast paced, easily keeps you engaged and the characters work very well together which only enhances the story overall.  I found to be quite believable and it really makes you think about who is really out there and how well do you really know the people you call friends and acquaintances…  I was gripped from the first chapter.  This book was easily 5 stars for me, its quite a short book compared to some but the author really packs a punch with the content – the book was release yesterday so you can grab your copy now!!