My review of Old Friends and New Enemies by Owen Mullen


This is the second book in the Charlie Cameron series and its just as good, if not slightly better than the first, Games People Play (that’s saying a lot as I really enjoyed the first one – my review for this is further down – its very highly recommended).

“The body on the mortuary slab wasn’t who Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron was looking for. But it wasn’t a stranger. Ian Selkirk had been stabbed through the heart and dumped in the loch.  Suddenly, a routine missing persons investigation becomes a fight for survival as Charlie goes up against a notorious Glasgow gangster. Jimmy Rafferty is ruthless. Even his own family are terrified of him. He wants to use Charlie to get something for him. And Jimmy Rafferty always gets what he wants.   Only one problem.  Charlie doesn’t know where it is…”

Old Friends and New Enemies is billed as being a sense and gripping Scottish Crime and boy does it live up to this and then some – its a fantastic read, excellent characters, fast paced and thorough plot with some brilliant twists – I loved the pace and writing style.  I wouldn’t hesitate to give this book 5 stars and I’m genuinely thrilled to have found Owen’s books.

I need the next book ASAP Owen when you read this 😀




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