My review of The Girls Next Door by Mel Sherratt

One warm spring evening, five teenagers meet in a local park. Only four will come out alive.

Six months after the stabbing of sixteen-year-old Deanna Barker, someone is coming after the teenagers of Stockleigh, as a spate of vicious assaults rocks this small community. Revenge for Deanna? Or something more? Detective Eden Berrisford is locked into a race against time to catch the twisted individual behind the attacks – but when her own niece, Jess Mountford, goes missing, the case gets personal. With the kidnapper threatening Jess’s life, can Eden bring back her niece to safety? Or will the people of Stockleigh be forced to mourn another daughter…?

I really loved this book, I found it thoroughly enjoyable and everything from the scene setting, pace of the plot, characters and descriptions were spot on. I had this book to read for a while and when I had the second book lined up to read I picked it up and honestly kicked myself that I hadn’t read it sooner. It’s one of the best books I’ve read so far in 2017 and I have already read the best part of 60 books already. Very highly recommended and if, like me you have had it on your ‘to read’ pile (or mountain in my case) for a while, its definitely worth bumping it up to the top, it’s available now – loved it 5 stars!!