My review of The Lost Children by Helen Phifer

Lizzy pulled the covers over her head. Then she realised what was being dragged behind the person with the torch. She rammed her fist into her mouth to stop herself from screaming… 

For decades, The Moore Asylum was home to the forgotten children of Brooklyn Bay. But ever since a scandal forced its closure, the abandoned building has cast an imposing shadow. Until now – when an elderly man is found dead, his body strapped to an ancient gurney…

Detective Lucy Harwin, still reeling from a previous case that ended in the devastating murder of a mother and her child, finds herself on the trail of a killer ruthlessly fixated on avenging the asylum’s wrongs. What disturbing secrets lie within the asylum’s walls? Together with her partner Detective Mattie Jackson, Lucy begins to unearth its terrible history, and the horrors endured by the vulnerable children. As the attacks escalate and a woman is murdered on her own doorstep, Lucy is forced into a terrifying game of cat and mouse with a twisted individual. But can Lucy stop a murderer with nothing left to lose?

I loved this book, the subject was a hard one but handled so well and I thought it was brilliant and one of the best I’ve read in 2017!!
The author has put together a fantastic plot with an excellent fast pace that keeps you turning the pages, I didn’t want to put it down.  The characters are complex and likeable and the settings used in the book all link in and work so well together – I honestly thought that this book was excellent and would give it 6 stars if I could, thoroughly enjoyed every page and was hooked from page one.
The book is out now so you can grab your copy and see if you agree!!!