My review of Lie to Me by Jess Ryder

We’re going to tell our story and then it will all stop and Mummy will be safe. You want Mummy to be safe, don’t you?

Three minutes. That’s all it takes for Meredith’s entire world to fall apart when she watches the videotape of her four-year-old self with Becca, the mother she’s never known.  Meredith can’t believe what her eyes have seen. Yet what if her memory has locked away the painful reality of her childhood? Can there be any truth in the strange and dangerous story her mother forced her to tell on camera?  The search for answers leads Meredith to Darkwater Pool, the scene of the murder of a young woman, Cara, over 30 years ago. What could possibly be the link between her mother and the victim?  To find the truth Meredith must search through a past that is not her own. The problem is, she’s not the only one looking…

I was really looking forward to reading this book after reading the blurb provided by the publishers, I love a good psychological thriller so was really pleased when this one lived up to my expectations!  Its a fast paced read from the first chapter and I read it in less than a day… as I really, really wanted to know what was going to happen to Meredith and the build up had been great.  There were a few parts that were expected but a few good twists and turns towards the end did surprise me.  It’s really very good as a debut novel too – 5 stars from me.  It has been released today so its available now for you to grab your copy 🙂