My review of No Safe Home by Tara Lyons

Detective Inspector Denis Hamilton is haunted when the suspicious death of a teenage girl triggers suppressed memories. With a stalker targeting vulnerable women in Central London, and his team rapidly diminishing, Hamilton must conquer his emotions before another family is destroyed.

In a sleepy town in Hertfordshire, Katy has worked hard to rebuild her life after leaving behind everything she knew. But when her past catches up with her, and her young son’s life is threatened, Katy must admit her true identity if she has any hope of surviving.  A home should be a safe place, shouldn’t it? But sometimes it is hard to know who you can trust…

London’s murder investigations team returns in the second novel from the bestselling author of In the Shadows, Tara Lyons.  I have read In The Shadows (which was also excellent) but you can easily pick up this one as a stand alone book.

I really, really enjoyed this book, it was excellent, and best of all I had forgotten that I actually had it to read so it made it even more worthwhile, I love it when you can sit down and delve in to a good book! For me this book was just what I was looking for. I loved the pace, the characters were excellent and I loved the relationships and the introduction of Rocky to the team, and it had the right amount of drama and suspense for me, I really wasn’t sure how the book was going to end. I read it in a day and literally did not want to put it down, as soon as I got back in from pesky work I picked it back up and finished it off, if I hadn’t had an early start I would have read it in the one night, it was that good! A cracking 5 star read from Tara Lyons – loved it!!