My review of Blaze by Donna Grant

His strength, his masculinity brought out something primal within her. In his arms, she felt like the Amazon warrior she’d once pretended to be as a little girl.

Anson is a fierce Dragon King, a dragon shapeshifter born and bred to protect his own. But when a rogue tech company hacks into their world, he must join forces with the unlikeliest of allies: a human female. Her name is Devon Abrams. A rising star at the firm, she has no idea that her boss is in league with the sinister Fae and their secret war against humanity. If Anson gains her trust, he can defeat the enemy from within. But first he must fight his own attraction–to this exquisitely beautiful mortal…

Devon loves her job at the firm. But sometimes she wishes she could find a man–a real man–who isn’t threatened by her success. When she first meets Anson, she’s overwhelmed by his powerful masculine presence and disarmingly gorgeous smile. But when he reveals his true mission–and his ability to transform into a dragon–she’s irresistibly drawn into an epic battle between humans and immortals, magic and technology, danger and desire. Anson vows to protect her from the Fae. But can he control the flames of passion that blaze within his heart…

I have been a huge fan of Donna Grant’s books now for a while and I have eagerly awaiting the release of each of her books, so naturally I was thrilled when I was contacted by her publishers and asked if I wanted the opportunity to read and review her latest release Blaze!! How could I say no!

I can honestly say that I loved this book, the characters were superb and I thought that the plot was darker than some of the other books in the series, I really enjoyed how this book linked through to other books Donna has written and tied them all together bringing back the Druids and Warriors in to the Dragon King series.  I will admit that I struggled to put the book down and I really need to read the next book in the series right now to see what happens next in the series, I don’t think Donna could write the books fast enough for me!!!  I think for me that this is probably the best in the series so far, I loved it – 5 stars no hesitation and really looking forward to the next already!!!!