My review of Watch You Burn by KA Richardson

Someone is breaking into Fire Investigator, Edina Blaze’s, home and leaving deadly messages. When Glen Peacock is burned alive, she has to put her own problems aside and attend the location with Crime Scene Manager, Kevin Lang.  As the body count rises, Edina’s sister Heather becomes involved. Is it her setting these gruesome fires? Or is she a target too?  Kevin has seen it all in his years on the force, but when a young girl is found burnt to dead, even he is shocked.  Who is taking pleasure in watching people burn? Why are they doing it? And will they be caught?  DI Alistair McKay and the team from North East Police have to work quickly to stop the killer, before they all end up in flames.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!  I loved the plot and the pace of the book was spot on.  The characters really grew on me and even when you did find out who was responsible it didn’t detract from the story and you were still left with plenty of guessing about what would happen next.  Its quite a rollercoaster of a ride and I read it in a day.  I have read other books by this author and again she had done a brilliant job – 4 stars for this one from me. The book is available to download now so you can grab your copy straight away!