My review of The Betrayed by Casey Kelleher

Those closest to you don’t stab you in the back. Do they?

Jimmy Byrne is one of the biggest faces on the Soho scene. Equally feared and respected, he’s clawed his way to the top. Money is his game, and he’ll make it by any means necessary.   When Jimmy sets his sights on shy young Colleen Walsh, she is quickly seduced by his sweet words and the life of luxury he offers her. But behind the diamonds and fur coats lies the reality of gangland violence – and by the time she realises the truth, she’s already in too deep.

Like her father, Jimmy Byrne, Nancy Byrne is strong, opinionated – and ruthless. But when Jimmy is murdered. Nancy vows to find the killer and make them pay for their actions.  Only the perpetrator is someone close to home. Someone she trusted. Someone who betrayed them all.  Blood is thicker than water – but Nancy is not afraid to spill some to get the truth.

I really enjoyed this book, I read it in a day and found myself hooked on the rollercoaster ride that the author created as the plot flowed through to the exciting ending.  I loved the characters and how the story built up gradually to the end with the plot picking up pace at an excellent rate to give you the suspense needed for a gritty book like this.  Definitely one I would recommend and I have some of the others older books ready to read through – can’t wait to get started!!  If they are anything like this one I’m going to love them – 5 stars from me for The Betrayed.