My review of The First Christmas by Stephanie Wood

Imogen and Richard are new arrivals at The Close and they are hoping to make their first Christmas there one to remember.

Only recently married, they are looking forward to having their own space and privacy, but will the neighbours leave them in peace, or continually interfere with their arrangements?

Imogen has her own ideas about what makes a perfect Christmas Day and she is pulling out all the stops to make it as delightful as a dream. Can Richard solve the problems that threaten to derail the festive season and stop them from turning her dream into a disaster?

Meet the first of the neighbours in the ‘Christmas on The Close’ series…



I have seen this book advertised a few times so decided to grab a copy for my Kindle and I am so glad I did!  It was a really fun read that made me laugh and smile!

Imogen was my favourite character and I could really sympathise and see myself in her comments and actions!  It was really well written and flowed so well, it is only a short read as its a novella but so worthwhile and a great way to pass a few hours – a very easy read!

This is the first book in the Christmas on The Close series and I will definitely be looking to get the rest of the books as I thoroughly enjoyed this one!!