My #Review of Unfair Justice by M.A. Comley @Melcom1

Unfair Justice is a Justice series short story of 10,000 words which involves all the original characters.

In the early hours of the morning, the murdered body of a teenager, Maria Collins, in discovered close to a railway track.

With very few clues to go on, can DI Lorne Simpkins and her team uncover who the murderer is before he claims yet another victim?


I read this book in one sitting and I thoroughly enjoyed it – it was great to be able to go back in time and read a story that featured the original characters which I loved!

The book may only be short but you still get the same excellent attention to detail and quality as with the full length novels.

The writing style is great as always and it is a very easy read – I thoroughly enjoyed it and have given the book 5 stars!!



The Justice series in order are:

Cruel Justice #1 in Police Procedurals and 1# Women Sleuths.  
Impeding Justice #1 in Police Procedurals 
Final justice #1 Action and Adventure 
Foul Justice #1 Hard-Boiled Mysteries 
Guaranteed Justice #1 Women Sleuths 
Ultimate Justice – #2 Women Sleuths 
Virtual Justice – #1 Hard Boiled/#2 Psychological Thrillers
Hostile Justice – #1 Police Procedural
Tortured Justice – #1 Vigilante Justice
Rough Justice – #1 Women Sleuths
Dubious Justice – #1 British Detectives
Calculated Justice –  #2 Action and Adventure
Twisted Justice –  #1 Women Sleuths
Prime Justice – #2 Police Procedural

Heroic Justice – New release
Short stories to accompany the series involving Lorne and Pete are:
Blind Justice – introduction novella to the series.
It’s a Dog’s Life – 20,000 word novella
Merry Widow – a short story
Justice at Christmas – a 10,000 word short story.
Unfair Justice – a 10,000 word short story
Mortal Justice – a 15,000 word novella.
Irrational Justice – 10,000 word short story.

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