My #Review of Zenka by Alison Brodie @alisonbrodie2

Ruthless, stubborn and loyal.

Zenka is a Hungarian pole-dancer with a dark past.

When cranky London mob boss, Jack Murray, saves her life she vows to become his guardian angel – whether he likes it or not.  Happily, she now has easy access to pistols, knuckle-dusters and shotguns.

Jack learns he has a son, Nicholas, a community nurse with a heart of gold.  Problem is, Nicholas is a wimp.

Zenka takes charge.  Using her feminine wiles and gangland contacts, she aims to turn Nicholas into a son any self-respecting crime boss would be proud of.  And she succeeds!

Nicholas transforms from pussycat to mad dog, falls in love with Zenka, and finds out where the bodies are buried – because he buries them.  He’s learning fast that sometimes you have to kill, or be killed.

As his life becomes more terrifying, questions have to be asked:

How do you tell a crime boss you don’t want to be his son?

And is Zenka really who she says she is?



This was a great book and I am so glad that I was introduced to Zenka!

After starting the book I knew within a few chapters that I was definitely in for a treat, the writing style was brilliant – I thought that the book had so many fantastic characters and I can only imagine how much fun the author had writing this book!

Twists and turns, surprises, laughs, it really is an all round book that will keep you hooked with the story and guessing as to where it is going, I wasn’t disappointed in the story at all, but I did feel a little sad when the book had finished!

No hesitation in giving this one five stars and genuinely looking forward to reading more from Alison in the future – this really is a fantastic book and quite different to the majority of the books available in the main which makes it even more special!


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Alison Brodie is a Scot, with French Huguenot ancestors on her mother’s side.  She is a writer and animal rights activist. Author photo

Her books have been published in hardback and paperback by Hodder& Stoughton (UK), Heyne (Germany) and Unieboek (Holland).

Alison is now a self-publisher. Here are some editorial reviews for her recent books:

BRAKE FAILURE:  “Masterpiece of humor” –Midwest Book Review

THE DOUBLE:   “Proof of her genius in writing fiction”  -San Francisco Book Review.

ZENKA:  “Riveting” –Midwest Book Review.

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  1. Thank you, Donna, for your fabulous review of Zenka. I am thrilled you enjoyed it! I also want to say thank you for risking your valuable time on reading a book from an unknown indie author like me! xx

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