My #Review of The Little Cottage On Lovelace Lane by Alice Ross @AliceRoss22

A hilarious, heart-warming romance

It’s love at first sight for Lily when she first sets eyes on Hollyhocks Cottage on the gorgeous Lovelace Lane. But after months together in a caravan while the renovations take place, boyfriend, Luke, is not quite so enamoured with the place.

With Lily and Luke’s relationship stretched to the limit, a dishy builder taking over the project, Luke’s two precocious kids to deal with, and her gran acting very strangely, will Hollyhocks ever become Lily’s dream home? Or will it be a bit of a nightmare?

This is the first book in the Lovelace Lane series.



I am a massive fan of this author’s books and I can’t believe that I had this one on my Kindle and I hadn’t actually read it – I was genuinely excited when I realised as I knew I would be in for a treat reading it, so I grabbed a slice of cake and a cup of coffee and settled in for a few hours to read it when my daughter was taking a nap!

I really enjoyed the story and I loved the characters, for me the setting was described beautifully too! I loved following Lily’s story and the ups and downs in her relationship, I could really sympathise with some of the problems she was having too!  It is a genuine feel good read and I savoured every page.  It really is a delightful story.

Another 5 stars read for me from this author, she really is one of my favourites of this genre – and if you haven’t tried her books yet, this is the perfect one to start off with!