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Meet Andorra Pett; with her trusty sidekick, she’s taken over a derelict café. On a mining station. It just happens to be orbiting Saturn! She’s hoping for a fresh start, away from all the drama of her old life. It’s a chance to relax and start again in a place where nobody knows anything about her or her past.

8 x 12But the café holds a secret, and secrets have a habit of coming out; whether you want them to or not. And being accident prone doesn’t help. The more you try to pretend that you know what’s going on, the worse it gets.

Andorra’s plans for peace and quiet get lost amid the revelations and skulduggery and she soon realises that the fate of the whole station lies in her hapless hands.

In space, you can still trip over your feet; the question is, will you land upright?

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  1. When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

It was never a conscious decision, just something I sort of drifted into. I wrote a short story in 1979 and left it, floating around the edges of my mind, intending to write others one day. Life kept me too busy for a long time. Eventually, I turned it into a novel and self-published it in 2013,

One of the first comments I had was from someone asking me about something that one of the charactershad done. When I thought about it, I realised that I could write another book to explain it all. Meanwhile, I had another idea and once I had started writing that, the plots just kept coming. It was like turning a tap on, now I can’t turn it off!


  1. What inspired you to write this book?

I had written a few adventures and wanted to try something a bit lighter. I had an idea for a female character and I wrote a short story, the theme was a ‘fish out of water-running away from a relationship-finding herself-solving crime,’ sort of thing. Originally it was just a short story to be posted on my website. It’s now the second most visited page!

My editor and a few other people liked it and it was suggested that it could form the basis of a novel, even a series. I expanded it as a NaNoWriMo project in 2015.The whole thing wasn’t plotted; I just wrote whatever came into my head. It seemed to work so I went ahead and published it. The novel features the first chapter of the sequel, which again, just followed on naturally.


  1. If you could sell this book in one sentence what would it be?

The tagline was always, “Agatha Raisin meets Miss Marple, in Space.”


  1. What are you up to next?

The sequel Andorra Pett on Mars is with my editor. Hopefully, it will be out in April, as well as my Andorra Pett series, I have several other sci-fi and Steampunk projects, altogether I’ve published six novels in three series with several sequels, prequels and spin-offs in development. And that’s before I get to the new ideas that I keep having. I’ve also just about finished writing an online course in world-building, which should be available soon, once I’ve got the video done.


  1. Who is your biggest inspiration?

As you might have guessed, I self-publish. That’s a choice I made to keep control of my work. My imprint is called 4Star Sci-fi, which is a nod to my four stars, my wife and my three daughters. They have inspired me, provided me with ideas and always been there for me.

My website is at www.richarddeescifi.co.uk.There’s plenty of free stuff and a weekly post about writing. I’m also on Facebook as RichardDeeAuthor and I’ll be ramping up my twitter presence @richarddockett1



A native of Brixham in Devon, Richard Dee’s family left Devon when he was in his teens and settled in Kent. Leaving school at 16 he briefly worked in a supermarket, then went to sea and travelled the world in the Merchant Navy, qualifying as a Master Mariner in 1986. AP - Richard Dee

Coming ashore to be with his growing family, he used his sea-going knowledge in several jobs, including Marine Insurance Surveyor and Dockmaster at Tilbury, before becoming a Port Control Officer in Sheerness and then at the Thames Barrier in Woolwich.

In 1994 he was head-hunted and offered a job as a Thames Estuary Pilot. In 1999 he transferred to the Thames River Pilots, where he regularly took vessels of all sizes through the Thames Barrier and upriver as far as H.M.S. Belfast and through Tower Bridge. In all, he piloted over 3,500 vessels in a 22-year career with the Port of London Authority.

Richard was offered part time working in 2010, which allowed him to return to live in Brixham, where he took up writing and blogging.

He retired in 2015, when he set up and ran a successful Organic bakery, supplying local shops and cafés. The urge to write eventually overtook the urge to bake but Richard still makes bread for friends and family. Richard is married with three adult children and two grandchildren.

He can be found at www.richarddeescifi.co.uk

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RichardDeeAuthor

Twitter – https://twitter.com/@RichardDockett1

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