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We all work in sales. If you work for somebody, you earn a living by selling their product or service.  If you are self-employed, you earn a living by selling your product or service.

When you buy from Amazon, they always recommended other products similar to the ones you are purchasing or have already purchased – that’s selling.

When you download a song, movie or TV show from iTunes, they always recommend more similar products. That’s selling.

When you register for most websites, they sell their products or services to you through a regular email.

When you attend an exhibition at the NEC, London ExCel, Olympia, Manchester or even a local market, everyone is trying to sell you their product.

We all work in sales, yet few people know how to sell. Until now.

Containing 27 valuable lessons, plus 17 interviews with experts, Everybody Works in Sales combines unique storytelling and personal development to ensure you have the tools you need to do better in your career.

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When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

In 2002, I watched the first Harry Potter movie with my family on VHS. We were gobsmacked at how good it was. I bought all the books every time they came out and enjoyed sharing them with my daughter as she grew up.

Like many writers, I thought if JK Rowling can become rich, so can I.

Big mistake.  She happens to be an exceptionally brilliant writer.

When you write from a place of greed, the writing suffers. I wrote a female fiction novel in 2006 called Heaven’s Delight. It was a great idea that was badly executed. When you fail badly, it’s humiliating. I learned a lot from that, it was a big turning point in my life and I swore my next effort would not be rushed and would be created from a place of authenticity.

My kid’s novel, The Magnificent Lassi, got me meetings with agents and publishers who all told me they liked my writing, but there’s too many writers doing magic and I should write another genre. It was 3 years of my life and I had nothing to show. In 2016, when many of my friend’s kids reached between 5-9 years old, I gave them the first chapter of The Magnificent Lassi and they went crazy with excitement. So I gave the next few chapters. My friends were calling me that night asking for the book, “you got our children off the iPad and into a book.” That encouraged me to keep writing. It also shows that agents and publishers don’t often make the right decisions. I will self-publish The Magnificent Lassi in the future.

Most writers I know who are successful are self-published, they’re good people and they started out as struggling writers. That gives me momentum every day.

When you hit 40, your attitude towards life changes. It’s about making a positive difference and helping others.


What inspired you to write this book?

Everyday I get sold to. Badly. Whether I get bothered at home, on the phone, at exhibitions, by post, people are always selling to me and 80% of them are awful. I want to raise the standards and since everybody else I know complains of bad sales people, it was important I started educating people to become better at sales. Change is hard and most people don’t like change, which is why most bad sales people don’t improve.

In addition, many people want to sell, becuase they’re shy or they associate sales with sleazy car salesman or bad estate agents. I wanted to break down the myths and show that selling is part of everyday life. The great sales people I have met have integrity and come from a place of service. I’ve learned a lot from them and also from 23 years working in sales.

Since people connect with storytelling, I decided to write this book as my autobiography. People find my life more fascinating than I do – Indian growing up in Belfast – failed at being a rock star – spent years on the dole suffering with depression – had an arranged marriage to a woman I met for 20 minutes –and that’s just a few things…


If you could sell this book in one sentence what would it be?

We all work in sales and Everybody Works in Sales will help you become better at selling yourself and your product/service.


What are you up to next?

Working on my next book and building my sales coaching practise. I currently have two clients I am helping. It’s so exciting to make a positive difference in someone’s life.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My wife. She came to this country as an immigrant at 18. Knew nobody except me. Refused to accept benefits. Worked her guts out. Went through London School of Beauty Therapy while our daughter was a baby and won Therapist of the Year at Milton Keynes College. She then built a successful beauty salon in Buckingham called Harmony Beauty Therapy which provides jobs in the community and gives a lot to charity.

She managed to do this in a small English town where all the competing therapists grew up, knew the locals and had help from families, yet my wife no family supporting her. It was an impossible task, yet she has consistently been named the best therapist in Buckingham and one of the best in Buckinghamshire. She also managed to do this while raising our daughter, putting her brothers through university, dealing with the stress of being married to a writer and providing jobs in the community. She’s quite remarkable.

Everybody Works in Sales is designed to help you do better in your career because we all work in sales. Available now on Kindle and paperback




Everybody Works In Sales - Niraj's business photo 2018.jpgAward-winning executive, Niraj Kapur, has worked in corporate London for 23 years. From small businesses to a national newspaper to FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies, he’s experienced it all and shares his insight, knowledge, big wins and horrible failures.

Containing 27 valuable lessons, plus 17 interviews with experts, Everybody Works in Sales combines unique storytelling and personal development to ensure you have the tools you need to do better in your career.

Niraj has also had several screenplays optioned, sitcoms commissioned, kids’ shows on Channel 5’s Milkshake and CBBC.

His movie, Naachle London, was released in select cinemas across the UK. He’s working on his next book while advising companies and coaching individuals on how to improve their sales.

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