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Duck Egg Blues is funny, sad, mysterious and thrilling. “A robot butler detective, what’s not to love?”

Martin Ungless is a WCN Escalator Prize winning author who has twice been shortlisted by the Crime Writers’ Association for their Debut Dagger Award.

What the CWA Judges said about his work:

‘A clever and ambitious story’
‘I was laughing and crying and hugging the sheets to my chest’

This perfect slice of ‘cozy crime’ is narrated in the voice of a pre-war English butler and concerns a rich and powerful businesswoman whose daughter goes missing from their country house estate. That the story- teller is a robot belonging to an impoverished detective brings a fresh and original take on ‘cozy’, and as for ‘crime’… well, it does begin to escalate, what with MI6, criminal gangs, corrupt police, and that’s not to mention international cybercrime!

As the plot strands weave together, we discover that behind one mystery lurks a greater threat. No one is safe, not even PArdew…

This is without doubt the robot-butler-detective thriller you have been waiting for!

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1.When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

I guess I’ve always written. Poetry, then later fiction, though I did write less whilst I was an architect, perhaps because this satisfied my creative urges, but most likely because running a practice took up 16 hours a day! I did write for the occasional magazine during that period. Eventually, the daily grind of architecture overtook the pleasures involved, and writing is such a pure creative joy, so now that’s what I do.


  1. What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve always been interested in computers and AI. As a teenager I built very early PCs. I seem to recall that my first one had a memory of a whole 256 bytes! A far cry from today’s gigabyte machines. I loved scifi too as a youngster but hadn’t been inspired to write any until I had this idea for a short story. I won’t give the plot away, because you can read it for free on my website https://martinungless.wixsite.com/duckeggblues but it started with me wondering how many parts of a traditional murder-mystery could be wrapped together. The answer to that question turned out to involve a robot. Now, that tale was set in the far future, and I really liked the character of robot I’d created, so I began to wonder if he could sustain a novel-length thriller. I even started writing one, set in this same far future, until my wife suggested it might be yet more revealing to have that character wandering around in the present day, and presto, with a little comic adjustment, PArdew and Don were born!


  1. If you could sell this book in one sentence what would it be?

A robot butler detective, what’s not to love?


  1. What are you up to next?

I am currently splitting my time between the second PArdew book and a high-tech crime thriller which was long-listed this year for the Crime Writer’s Association’s Debut Dagger.


  1. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Regarding Scifi, Asimov is clearly king. Writing in general? Well, Annie Proulx is a genius. With Crime I’m split between Chandler’s style, Elmore Leonard’s dialogue, and wouldn’t it be great to have the sheer verve off Chuck Palahniuk?



Duck Egg Blues - Martin UnglessFollowing this year’s success, Martin Ungless had now been shortlisted three times by the Crime Writers’ Association for their Debut Dagger. He has won a WCN Escalator Award, and been successful in a number short-story competitions.

Martin started life as an architect though now lives in the Norfolk countryside and writes full time.

Martin is currently studying for the prestigious MA in Fiction (Crime) at UEA.

Social Media Links https://twitter.com/UnglessM