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An unwanted pregnancy. A kidnapping. Escape…

University student Jemma Howell’s life has turned upside down: she’s pregnant and her boyfriend has just died.

A lawyer manipulates Jemma to sign away the child to her dead boyfriend’s parents, the wealthy Winchesters.

Six months after giving birth, Jemma is still obsessed with her baby’s welfare. A chance opportunity occurs. She makes a split-second decision.

She is now a kidnapper and on the run. Detective Constable Tim Findlay is assigned to the Winchester kidnapping, his first big case.

In the course of the investigation, he and his partner uncover deeply hidden secrets about the Winchester family.

For Tim, the difference between right and wrong becomes blurred.

BYE BABY BUNTING is a page-turning psychological suspense that explores society’s attitudes to single parenting and adoption and the laws that apply to birth-mother, child and adoptive parents. The story takes place in Auckland, New Zealand, Hawaii and Winnipeg, Canada between 1963 and the present.



This is quite a complex story that covers some really tough subjects, but those that it does cover, it does very well.  It is a well written story and it has some great characters.

I loved that the story spanned a good period of time to allow the backgrounds to build and the characters to really develop and I think that added an awful lot to the story.

It had good pace, but sadly it was lacking for me at times in the story, that said it is still a very good story but I think I expected a little too much from the book.

3.5 stars from me rounded up to 4 stars for Goodreads and Amazon – quite a complex story that really had me thinking at times!

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Dr Tannis Laidlaw has worn many hats in her career as a psychologist: clinician in private practice, in psychiatric bins and in the prison service; researcher in schizophrenia, anxiety, psychopathy and other personality disorders, mind-body interactions, and the therapeutic use of hypnosis; research manager; writer and lecturer.

She has always been fascinated by the human condition, not only in those with crossed wiring but also when ordinary people are driven to behave in extraordinary ways. Her fiction reflects her psychological background; her non-fiction, her interests as a wife, mother and friend.

Tannis lives with her husband in Auckland, but spends half her time at a deserted beach in Northland, the semi-tropical northern part of New Zealand, and in a remote cabin in the woods on a Canadian lake – all places where she writes and writes and writes.

Website: www.tannislaidlaw.com

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