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Jimmy  McGuire,  a  washed-up  comic,  is  found  dead  on  the  streets  of  Inverness,  his  body  garroted.  Back  in  the  1990s,  McGuire  had  been  half  of  a  promising  double-act  until  his  partner,  Jack  Dingwall,  was  convicted  of  rape.
Soon  after,  a  second  corpse  is  found  in  an  abandoned  industrial  site  on  the  edge of  the  Moray  Firth.  The  body  has  been  there  for  some  days  and  has  also  been  garroted.  The  victim  turns  out  to  be  a  former  musician  turned  record  producer,  who  had  also  been  the  subject  of  rape  allegations.
Meanwhile,  DI  Alec  McKay  and  DCI  Helena  Grant  are  still  wrestling  with  the  fallout  from  one  of  their  recent  cases  following  an  acquittal.
As  the  body  count  rises,  the  police  think  they  have  the  killer  in  their  sights.  But  McKay  is  concerned  that  the  evidence  is  too  neat  so  when  he  realises  there  will  be  a  final  victim,  he  fears  that  time  is  running  out…
First of all I would like to wish the author a very happy and successful publication day!!  And now on to the most important part of my post – my review!
I was delighted to be able to review this book, I have loved the author’s previous books in the series and I can say now I’ve read this one it has the same excellent writing style and fascinating characters.
I would say that this is fine to be read as a stand alone but if the other books interest you, they are definitely worth checking out!
I loved the plot line for this one, it was well developed and you felt as though you were transported right to the crime scenes with them.  The story is well paced and it made for a completely gripping page turner – I loved it!
Five stars from me, another fantastic book by this author – very highly recommended and can’t wait to see what he releases next!!

Alex Walters is the author of Candles and RosesDeath Parts Us and Their Final Act, all featuring DI Alec McKay and set in and around the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands. He has also written four books set in and around Manchester – Trust No-One and Nowhere to Hide featuring the undercover officer, Marie Donovan, and Late Checkout and Dark Corners, featuring DCI Kenny Murrain – and three crime novels set in modern-day Mongolia, The Shadow WalkerThe Adversary and The Outcast.  Alex has previously worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking and as a consultant working mainly in the criminal justice sector. He now runs the Solus Or Writing Retreat in the Black Isle with his wife, occasional sons and too many cats.

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