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‘I’m working on a novel intended to express the feel of England in Edward III’s time … The fourteenth century of my novel will be mainly evoked in terms of smell and visceral feelings, and it will carry an undertone of general disgust rather than hey-nonny nostalgia’ Anthony Burgess, Paris Review, 1973 

The Black Prince is a brutal historical tale of chivalry, religious belief, obsession, siege and bloody warfare. From disorientating depictions of medieval battles to court intrigues and betrayals, the campaigns of Edward II, the Black Prince, are brought to vivid life by an author in complete control of the novel as a way of making us look at history with fresh eyes, all while staying true to the linguistic pyrotechnics and narrative verve of Burgess’s best work.



I am delighted to be closing off this blog tour with my review as I have to say that I absolutely loved this story it was excellent, very well written and it captured this period in history brilliantly!

This is one of my favourite eras in British history, the turmoil is felt through the pages and I loved how the author has brought it to life.  The time when Edward II ruled was a time of unrest and uncertainty, his followers were unhappy with him and his behaviour at the court, which was viewed to be scandalous at that time and the rebels moved against him.

We eventually find his son, Edward III on the throne at a fairly young age, (especially compared to royals today) and he was determined to expand and progress where he could, his offspring were ones who would change the shape of the line of succession.  These are some of Britain’s most fascinating Kings and their stories are a lot darker than some historians will have you believe…

Five stars from me, a very well written and enjoyable story – very highly recommended to any other fans of historical fiction!!

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