#BloodhoundsChristmasCrackers #BookReview of Shadows by Conrad Jones @Bloodhoundbook #Shadows

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Suicide. Drugs. Murder.

DI Braddick is put on the case when a hijacked drug deal has resulted in murder and an eye witness goes missing. When victims are discovered strung up from the rafters of an abandoned fish factory, on the Anglesey coastline, the police are baffled as to what went on. A deserted trawler found at the scene helps Braddick put the pieces together.  Could this be the work of a notorious Russian crime family?

When an undercover officer goes missing everything points to an informer for the family and it is clear they will stop at nothing to the silence the leak and have their revenge.  As the body count rises Braddick will come to realise that no one is safe…



I really enjoyed this book, it was a real rollercoaster with a lot of twists and turns right from the first few pages!

I loved the character development as the book went on and the way that the author managed to tie up several rather complex plot lines really well at the end.

It’s an excellent story and loved how the plot picked up pace towards the end of the book, I didn’t expect the ending and that made it even more special as it kept me on my toes right to the very, very end!

Definitely one I would recommend!! 5 stars from me 🙂