My #BookReview for Guaranteed Justice by M.A. Comley @MelCom1 #Lorne Simpkins5 #GuaranteedJustice #JusticeSeries

Retired DCI Lorne Simpkins thought she knew what she wanted when she started an animal rescue centre with her husband Tony. Although saving and retraining exploited dogs is fulfilling, Lorne can’t help but feel that something vital is missing from her life.

Linda Carter is brutally raped and left for dead in an alley. By some miracle, she survives, but now she lives each day terrified by the perpetrator’s final threatening words–that her sister, Fiona, will be his next victim.

The sisters decide to adopt a watch dog and contact the rescue centre. During a home check to see if the girls and their flat are suited for a German Shepherd, Lorne witnesses Linda’s horrendous injuries.  The young woman knows the identity of her rapist–wealthy, playboy Graham Gibson–however, the police haven’t made an arrest.

The shocking story turns into a life-altering moment for Lorne. She decides to become a Private Investigator, and urges the girls to let her take up their case. Little does she know that more victims will come forward to accuse Gibson of rape.

Lorne is determined to see this vicious criminal behind bars, but is anyone ever guaranteed justice?



This is the fifth book in the Justice series and it is a brilliant addition to the series, it is slower paced that the previous books but Lorne has had quite a lot on her plate to deal with at the moment so she is entitled to a well earned rest!

I really enjoyed that Lorne was able to follow her heart in this story and set up an animal rescue centre (not a spoiler as it is in the books blurb). She wants to take a step back following the events in the previous book and the impact that has had on her family life so this is the ideal opportunity to engage in one of her passions whilst remaining close to home.

Although anyone who follows the series will know that Lorne won’t be able to resist anything tempting that she comes across regarding people in need and wanting assistance through her newly set up PI business – and that is indeed what happens here.

I really enjoyed the plot as it developed and I liked being able to see more of Lorne’s private and home life too with Tony now he is back from his previous mission in Afghanistan. There have been quite a few changes and it is interesting to see how these could affect their relationship.

You can read the book as a standalone if you are not looking to read the rest of the books, but it works much better if it is read as part of the series if you get an opportunity to pick them up – they are best read in order too if you do follow the series as there are underlying themes and stories that run through the books.

Five stars from me for this one – already finished the next book – loving this series!! Very highly recommended!!