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Follow the adventures of Uthan as he goes on his first holiday and encounters the magic of a world under the sea.

Mum, Uthania, was inspired to write this story after discovering video selfies of Uthan after they came back from their holiday together.



I thought that the images in this book were lovely.

When I took my daughter on her first holiday last year I wrote a diary for her (in her words) about the different things she had done and after seeing this book it has made me realise how special it is to keep the memories made for our children and I will certainly be doing it again – I know the book is aimed at children, but as a mum I feel inspired!

This is a brilliant idea for a book and very well put together.  It is definitely one I will be reading to my daughter as I know she will love it!  It is only short but it has a lovely flow and plenty of opportunity for little ones to use their imagination.

I was due to post my review for this book on the first day of the blog tour but it didn’t arrive with me in time so I am sharing it today after reading it this evening – any shared and likes would be most welcome – thanks in advance!

Links for the book:

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44305533-uthan

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Uthan-Uthania-Jackson-ebook/dp/B07NZS77V2


Uthania Jackson was born in Newport Shropshire, England on the 16th of March 1970 & is the youngest of 5 siblings, 2 brothers & 2 sisters. Both her parents are Jamaican & her dad is part Chinese. She grew up in Telford Shropshire & now resides in Buckinghamshire.

She overcame childhood adversity & started modelling age 16 for modelling agency MMA in Manchester. She then became a professional dancer in 1992 after being spotted by a producer for a cabaret show in Monte Carlo landing a 6 month contract. She was so successful she ended up staying in Monte Carlo for 6 years we’re she made lifelong friendships & met influential people that would transform the rest of her life including the Prince of Monaco & the late Barry White who was a mentor & inspiration to her ‘who said patience is not a virtue…it is a power’.

She soon ventured back to England in 1997 to work with choreographer Alan Ardin but was forced to retire early from professional dancing due to serious injury.

Despite this career setback Uthania Jackson was keen to use her passion for & her in-depth knowledge of dance, hospitality & etiquette training further, chancing it in the role of trainee manager for a private gentlemen’s club. She soon worked her way up to general & operations manager becoming successful in a predominantly male dominated industry in which she would meet a wide range of people that would shape her career & adult life. She set herself apart with her ethics, integrity, hard work & as a strong single black working mum with a successful career becoming a well respected figurehead within the industry managing various clubs over her years.

She is now a published author of kids literature. Her first book titled Uthan is the first instalment of a series of novels that follow her first & only miracle 5 year old son that she had aged 42; Uthan, as he encounters & explores the magic of the world around him.

Uthania was inspired to write these novels after she accidentally stumbled on Video selfies & diaries that her son had recorded while they were away on holiday together in the caribbean on her IPad.

In the books she recalls the fond memories they created & his pure childlike excitement for every adventure & moment they shared.

Join her & her son as they adventure around the world together.

Social Media Links for the Author

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uthaniajackson_

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uthaniajackson/