#GuestReview for The Executive Floor by Belinda Wright #TheExecutiveFloor @matadorbooks

Chantelle Moulier needs a permanent contract. Her internship is almost finished and a job at the renowned Granger Finance would be a great start to her career. She wouldn’t have to go home to her aunt and uncle’s vineyard in France; she could stay in England and get a place of her own. Everything is riding on her landing the job.

But one night she finds herself the only one left in the office when managing director Granger Carmont needs analytical support. Chantelle doesn’t know what to do. The last thing she needs is to be alone with a womanising player like Granger Carmont. She wants a job in his company, but not that badly. Then he makes her an offer that seems too good to be true and Chantelle is faced with a difficult decision…



Today I am delighted to be handling my blog over to my mum Chris, you can check out her review for The Executive Floor by Belinda Wright below:

“I loved this story!

It is a feel good romance that can easily brighten anyone’s day

It is very well written and it has good attention to detail and a great cast of characters.

Five stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!!”