#GuestReview for The Billionaire’s Accidental Baby by Leslie North #TheAccidentalBaby @leslienorthbook #BillionairesandBabies

Constance Bonner has spent her life like a happy butterfly, flitting from one thing to another, never truly concerned with consequences or where her life was headed. But after one unforgettable, passionate night with Brian O’Leary, her gorgeous former boss—the same boss who just fired her—her happy-go-lucky life has ground to a halt. She’s pregnant. Jobless. Facing the biggest responsibility of her life. Worse, Brian is swearing he doesn’t want to be a father and throwing non-disclosure agreements her way. And all she wants to throw is herself—at him, no matter how maddening he is.

Brian is convinced that Connie’s pregnancy is just a small hiccup on his way to becoming a billionaire. After growing up poor and watching his single mother struggle, he’s laser focused on making enough money for his entire family to finally stop struggling. He’s got the perfect, practical fiancée, a major tech deal in the works, and his goal is almost in reach. He has no room in his life for the always-cheerful Connie, who wouldn’t know how to be serious if she tried. Connie is the opposite of everything he needs in life.

But if she’s completely wrong for him, why is it so hard to resist her?

If there’s one thing Connie is serious about, it’s making Brian see that there’s more to life than making money, and that they’re meant to be a family. But convincing him of that might her biggest challenge yet.



Today I am handing my blog over to my mum Chris and I am delighted to be bale to share with you her review for The Billionaire’s Accidental Baby!

“I enjoyed this story and found it to be a very quick read, I flew through the pages and was really caught up in the story.  I thought that the book flowed very well and I found the characters to be genuinely likable and I thought that they all gelled well together.  It is four stars from me for this one, I really enjoyed it – highly recommended!”