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Edi Court is training to be a modern-day white witch, her unique ability is healing. Emotionally wounded from her ex, Anto, she has run away from the covenant with a need to heal herself. Following her psychic ability, she finds herself south, along the coast from Melbourne Australia, where she decides to set up her own healing shop, Crystal Sands.

Voltaire is a down to earth guy, a plumber by trade, he believes only what he sees in the physical world. The loss of his mom and sister to breast cancer and his ex, who stole his money and left him with a debt to work off, has caused him to close his heart.

Can Edi stop herself from rescuing another man and landing in deep water? Or with the Beltane energies thick in the air, can this be the start of a new relationship between two wounded souls?

Volt must become a believer in the Magiks and allow his heart to heal. And Edi must learn to trust herself again.

Will a non-believer and a believer find love over Beltane?



Beltane Bliss is book one in the Pagan Pleasures series and after reading the blurb I was really intrigued – and now having read the book I thought it was really enjoyable and it certainly lived up to my expectations!

The pace for the book was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.  It was a really easy book to read for me and I love books that cover this genre, my mum does too so I know this is going to be a series she will also really enjoy.

I really enjoyed Edi’s character, she was well developed and I am looking to find out more about her as the series progresses. It is four stars from me for this one – I though that this was an excellent start to the series, looking forward to reading the rest of the series!!

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Beltane Bliss lilliana rose photoLilliana is an Amazon Bestselling author, who writes romance in the subgenres of contemporary, paranormal, steampunk, and rural. She enjoys helping characters overcome problems, or issues, and the misunderstandings that often plague relationships, to help them fall in love. Whether it city heels being replaced with country work boots, or some magic beyond this world, or cogs and gears and corsets, each story shows how love can prevail.

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