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JUST MY TYPE is the second novel from Hannah Doyle, author of the laugh-out-loud hit rom-com THE YEAR OF SAYING YES, perfect for fans of Love Island, What Fresh Hell by Lucy Vine and Anna Bell.

Meet Jasmine.
– The quirky/cool photographer to a superstar blogger
– She’s going on a date with a SUPER hot guy on the London Eye tonight
– Best friend Mila is her wifey for life
– This millennial is #LivingHerBestLife

But fast-forward a few hours, and the reality isn’t quite so picture perfect. Jasmine hates her stuck-up blogger boss. She can barely afford rent in her stupid London flat. Her best friend seems to have all her sh*t together. Oh, and that date she was so excited about? She got dumped. On the London Eye. In the middle of a thunderstorm. With a bunch of tourists watching…

Best friend Mila decides that Jasmine needs a new ‘type on paper’, because Jasmine’s current criteria is so off that her dating history is one long line-up of fools. So Mila challenges Jasmine to look once, if not twice, at the guys who wouldn’t normally fit her ‘type’. With nothing to lose, Jasmine accepts. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll surprise herself.



This book is fantastic – I loved it – so well written with a fabulous cast of characters!!

The plot is very good, it is well developed and it has a lovely flow to it. It is a really easy story to read and this was one of those books that I was caught up in as I was reading and the time flew by – I enjoyed every word from cover to cover. It has me smiling, giggling and I loved the book for that!

I really enjoyed the author’s writing style, she brought her characters to life and she has created some genuine and a believable people and they worked together brilliantly to make the book a thoroughly enjoyable treat to read!

It is five stars from me for thisone, I really, really enjoyed it- very highly recommended!!

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