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J SS Bach is the story of three generations of women from either side of Germany’s 20th Century horror story – one side, a Jewish family from Vienna, the other linked to a ranking Nazi official at Dachau concentration camp – who suffer the consequences of what men do.

Fast forward to 1990s California, and two survivors from the families meet. Rosa is a young Australian musicologist; Otto is a world-famous composer and cellist. Music and history link them.

A novel of music, the Holocaust, love, and a dog. The author’s writing is a wonderland, captivating and drawing the reader in to the presented world. Time becomes no object as a literary universe unfolds and carries the reader through eighty years, where emotions are real and raw and beautifully given.



This was a superb book!!

The subject matter is not always the easiest to read but I think that it needs to be read and discussed, considering I went to school in the UK in the 1990s, they actually didn’t teach anything on WWI or WWII and focussed on the medieval period and castles, so I made it a personal mission to read more books that cover this period, both fiction and non fiction, and I know having read this one that I have made the right choice – this is a story that will stay with me for a long time – I absolutely loved this book.

I thought that the book was very well written, the author brings everything to life and transports you to the different scenes, you can almost smell and feel the locations in the book as you get so wrapped up in the text.  It is definitely five stars from me for this one, it is brilliantly written, sweet and brutal in equal measures and one that brings history to life – very highly recommended!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/J-SS-Bach-Martin-Goodman/dp/1903110629

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Martin Goodman Author PictureMartin Goodman was born in Leicester, and has lived and worked in China, Qatar, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and France. Travel forms a large part of his writing: both for strictly travel-related books and also for novels and biographies.

His first novel ON BENDED KNEES was shortlisted for the Whitbread prize, and his most recent biography SUFFER AND SURVIVE won 1st Prize, Basis of Medicine in the BMA Book Awards 2008.

He is the Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Hull. He lives in Hull, London and the French Pyrenees. ‘Such narrow, narrow confines we live in. Every so often, one of us primates escapes these dimensions, as Martin Goodman did. All we can do is rattle the bars and look after him as he runs into the hills. We wait for his letters home.’ ~ The Los Angeles Times

Website : http://www.martingoodman.com/

Twitter : @MartinGoodman2

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