#BookReview for Caring for Justice by M.A. Comley #CaringforJustice #99p #99c @MelCom1

A Justice novella featuring the original cast members, yes, Pete is back!

DI Lorne Simpkins and her partner, Pete Childs have one of their toughest cases to crack in this fast paced novella.

Someone is intent on attacking pensioners in their own homes. Can Lorne and Pete put an end to these heinous crimes? Or will someone else intervene to give the investigation a helping hand?



I was delighted to see that there was a new novella out for the Justice series and I got to see more of one of my favourite characters is the series – Pete!!  I have missed him!!

This book covers a tough subject but it is one that is very topical at the moment and one that happens in real life.  The story is well planned out and as always from this author, she has a solid writing style that works so well with her characters and their personalities.  They are genuine characters and really believable, and best of all likeable.

I have read nearly all the books in this series (I seem to somehow have missed a few in the middle which I am working on) and her books are always addictive reads and this one was no different.  We went away for my young daughter’s birthday and this was a complete treat to be able to read on the beach in the sunshine whilst she played in the waves.

It is 5 stars from me for this one – it is a tough subject that the author covers in the book but from dealing with these cases on a personal level through my employment in the past she has done the topic justice (no pun intended) and I hope it highlights to more people about what goes on behind closed doors – very highly recommended!!

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