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For nearly a century Castle Blackwood lay dormant on the Sorrows, a lonely island in the Pacific. Last summer, the evil that resided within its walls was awakened. Movie music composer Ben Shadeland was lucky to escape the island with his wife and young son, but he’ll soon realize that the terror is far from over. Because a godlike beast named Gabriel and the ghosts who live on the Sorrows are hungry for revenge. They will stop at nothing to bring Ben back to Castle Blackwood, and they will strike at those closest to him to fulfill their sinister plans. Accompanied by three federal officers, an L.A. detective, the newly-widowed owner of the island, a professor specializing in the occult, and a voluptuous psychic, Ben must return to the Sorrows in order to save someone he loves. Ben thought he knew what true horror was. But the new visitors have brought with them their own personal ghosts. And the beast of Castle Blackwood won’t be sated until it has feasted on the blood of Ben Shadeland and everyone dear to him.



I love this author’s books and this is another brilliant story from him!

The pace in the book was spot on and I thought that the plot was excellent. The characters worked superbly with the plot, they were well developed and helped add to the atmosphere of the book.  It was the kind of book that had me addicted and scared at the same time and I loved it for that – I was completely unable to put it down!

It is 4.5 stars from me for this one rounded up to 5 stars for Goodreads and Amazon, a fantastically addictive story – very highly recommended!!

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