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Big Boys Cry by Charlotte Moncrieff, Illustrated by Helena MaxwelL

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It’s Billy’s seventh birthday and no one is more excited than he is to finally be a big boy! At the park later that day, Billy finds himself in tears after getting hurt in a small accident. When a passing stranger scolds him, telling him that ‘Big Boys don’t cry – only silly ones do’, Billy questions what it means to be a big boy. Thankfully, Mum and Dad and some new friends help Billy understand that crying is normal and that everyone does it, including some of Billy’s favourite and most admired members of his family.

For many boys today, there is a fear that expressing emotion is seen as a sign of weakness. This only becomes more evident as they move from boyhood into adolescence.

This book helps parents frame emotions in a positive light, normalising the idea that all boys cry, whether they are seven years old, in the armed forces, a fireman or a father – all big boys cry, it does not make them silly!



I read this book a few weeks again and been waiting for my stop on the blog tour so that I could share with you my review for Big Boys Cry.

I thought that this was a really nicely illustrated children’s book that delivered a great message overall and it is not a book for boys, girls will enjoy it too – I read it with my daughter and she liked the images too, the story was a little overhead as she is only young but it is definately one I will read with her again when she is older and fully understands the meaning.

The book has a good underlying story about not being afraid to cry, I am glad I am not the parent of the little boy as I would have really needed to show some self-retraint there but I think that the author told the story really well.

The story showcases emotions in a positive way and encourages children to share how they feel with their parents.  Crying is not a negative emotion, you can cry for happy reasons too and nearly everyone does it.  It is 4 stars from me for this book, the book for me can be read with both girls and boys and it carries a great message overall.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Big-Boys-Cry-Charlotte-Moncrieff/dp/1913136116

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Charlotte MoncrieffCharlotte Moncrieff (27) is an ambassador for MQ Mental Health Research Charity and is based in Lon-don (Brixton). With a man taking his life every two hours in Britain, Charlotte is motivated to start the conversation about males and their emotions even earlier and is a big believer in prevention over cure. Charlotte is also the founder of the Twenty Mile Club, an online platform that seeks to inspire savvy twenty-something’s through entrepreneurship and passion projects.



Helena MaxwellHelena Maxwell (26) is an illustrator and artist who is passionate about spreading mental health aware-ness. Helena has worked with Charlotte to produce the visuals for Big Boys Cry and hopes to show the next generation of males and females that it is OK to express emotion regardless of gender. Helena has previously worked for clients such as The Sunday Times, Elbow Productions and Shortbook Publishers.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/bigboyscry