#Guest Review for Her Cowboy Boss by Jeannie Watt #HerCowboyBoss @TulePublishing @JeannieWatt’s

Can he work his way into her heart?

Former golden girl McKenna Benjamin is now a single mom with a toddler struggling to eek out a living on her small Montana ranch, which was recently damaged by wildfire. She may be down, but no way is she out. And she’s definitely not going to turn to her wealthy I-told-you-so family for aid. McKenna considers herself a lucky survivor, and is committed to making it on her own even if her neighbor’s sexy horse trainer is the one offering to help.

Horse trainer Brodie Collins needs a part-time assistant, but when his boss suggests hiring McKenna, Brodie is skeptical. The McKenna he once knew would never stoop to hard work, but Brodie soon realizes that ten years has utterly altered McKenna. Gone is the entitled beauty – replaced by a confident, determined woman, and Brodie finds himself falling hard.

Can this cowboy break down the protective barriers and win McKenna’s trust and her heart?



Today I am delighted to be able to hand over my blog to my mum Chris so she can share with you her review for Her Cowboy Boss!

“I thought that this was a really good story, I found it to be well written, uplifting and heart-warming.

The characters worked really well together and I think it would be excellent as a holiday read.

It is 5 stars from me for this one, I thought it was a really enjoyable story – very highly recommended!”