#PublicationDay #BookReview for Following in the Footsteps of Henry Tudor by Phil Carradice @penswordbooks

The story of Henry Tudor’s march to Bosworth and the throne of England began long before the fatal summer of 1485, with his birth in Pembroke Castle. The gigantic fortress where he spent his childhood years lay some 12 miles inland from the spot where Henry was supposed to have landed in Milford Haven when he came to challenge Richard III in August 1485.

Henry’s landing and progress to Bosworth Field were a gamble, but by 1485 the last of the Lancastrian princes had little option but to ‘chance his arm.’ He had worn out his welcome on the Continent and, despite his unpopularity in some quarters of English society, there was the real risk that Richard’s reign might finally begin to create stability and financial success – Yorkist stability and success. A gamble, yes, but one that had to be taken if the House of Lancaster was to survive.

In Following in the Footsteps of Henry Tudor, we hear of the many fascinating stories from Henry’s march and the places he visited – a journey that took just over two weeks.  It was a time of treachery and double dealing but it culminated with the establishment of the Tudor dynasty, the end of the Wars of the Roses and the beginnings of the modern world.



I am a massive fan of the Tudor period and I have devoured many books that cover this era. Living pretty much on the doorstep of the location of the famous battle between King Richard III and Henry Tudor which started the now famous Tudor dynasty I am always intrigued when there is a book released by an unknown author to me.

I thought that the layout of the book was great and I really enjoyed the author’s writing style. He has a really good talent that brought the scenes to life and at times you could almost feel that you were there with Henry and his troops on their march through to the ultimate battle that took place on the outskirts of Market Bosworth.

I thought that the chapter length was perfect too and it was spot on to keep me fully engaged and this would be an ideal introduction too to people who want to learn more about how the Tudor dynasty came to be as it covers the period prior to Henry’s birth and you get an introduction to one of my ultimate favourite historical figures – Margaret Beaufort.

It is 4 stars from me for this one, I really enjoyed the layout and the length of the chapters in the book, this is the perfect introduction to Henry Tudor and the famous (or infamous) Tudor Dynasty! Highly recommended!!