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The Princess and the Valley Man is an enthralling, educational tale of adventure, fantastic creatures, and dashing acts of bravery!

Join Solis and Princess Luna, on an amazing journey through the Earth’s most unusual place: Death Valley. Luna, a princess from a kingdom in a far-away star, is curious to see the sights in Death Valley. And Solis, smitten by Luna’s beauty, is only too happy to indulge her.

They travel through landscapes – from the exhilarating Sea of Sand to the majestic Canyon of Marble to the eerily frightening Mysterious Cave – forming new friendships and gaining a deep understanding of each other.

Meet fantastic creatures – from moving rock formations, to Kiko the talking bird, even mysterious inhabitants of a ghost town – and be with Solis and Princess Luna as they dodge challenges, solve puzzles, craft clever solutions and find a way out of hairy situations.

More important, discover how to love with all your heart, the most seemingly unlovable place on Earth.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Princess-Valley-Man-Dorota-Kluza/dp/1913340317

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1, When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Dorota: There is not a particular time when I discovered that I wanted to be a writer but I’ve always thought about writing a book. I met my co-writer Evan and it took off from there. I guess we have motivated each other or maybe a fate wanted us to write a children story. I will give a birth to my first long-awaited son which I already read our fairy tale and I am sure that once he gets older, he will be my first critic.

Evan: For me this is something that I didn’t really think about until I met my co-writer Dorota and it just happened. Then we started to write this book together.


2, What inspired you to write this book?

Dorota: Children who are a miracle of nature, our future and my co-writer Evan whom I met in Death Valley and who passionately told me about the extraordinary Death Valley National Park. Then it dazzled me that we should write a fairy tale story for children showing the amazing adventures of a girl and a boy in these natural, unique place called Death Valley National Park. A book that will be educational with a twist o phantasy showing that we can live in harmony with nature without destroying it.

Evan: I was inspired to write this book because I want to share all the experiences I had working as a park ranger and get more people young and old interested about our national parks and the wonders that nature has to offer.


3, If you could sell this book in one sentence what would it be?

Dorota: Help your kids disconnect from technology and connect with nature, and experience amazing adventures with Luna and Solis discovering the magic of nature in Death Valley!

Evan: Join Solis and Luna on an amazing adventure through some of natures most beautiful places known as The National Parks.


4, What are you up to next?

Dorota: The plan is to continue with our book series and write more of Luna and Solis’s adventures in other National Parks showing their beauty. I also would like to publish the bilingual book in English-Polish which could become helpful in learning the foreign language in Polish communities, language schools and bilingual families. In addition, in the future we would like to expand the adventures with Luna and Solis on other National Parks worldwide.

Evan: This book is the first in the series, the next will be another incredible journey through another one of the national parks.


5, Who is your biggest inspiration?

Dorota: Crazy ideas are the best inspiration I guess, but for me the inspiration are my parents who read me beautiful fairy tales without violence which is almost at every turn today. They taught me the sensitivity and empathy to other people and animals. I had a dog at home taken from the street and I always brought home street dogs healthy or sick to take care of them and find them families. My parents showed me the love of nature through family camping, scout camps and our travels. Even now I see myself as a city girl, but I could not live without nature. Being close to nature is a big part in my life.

Evan: My biggest inspiration for writing this book is not really so much a person, but nature, wildlife, and the wonderful places that we write about.



Dorota KluzaDorota Kluza was born on September 27, 1976 in Lubin. She graduated with two masters degrees in law at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań as well as at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). She is a world traveler, writer, actress, model, and translator. She speaks Polish as her native tongue, then also English, German, Spanish and some Russian as well. Privately, she is passionate about traveling, music, dancing, cinema as well extreme sports and scuba diving. The magic of connecting with nature inspired her to create the tale of The Princess and the Valley Man. She hopes the story will transport the readers to another time and place. Her life motto is: Sky has no limits.


Evan WilliamsEvan Williams was born and raised in a small town called Tremonton in Northern Utah. He served in the United States Army for nearly 9 years where he had the opportunity to travel all over Europe and the Middle East. Later on he moved to Southern Utah and attended the Southern Utah University where he earned a bachelor degree in national resource management. During and after his studies he worked for the National Park Service as a Park Ranger at The Grand Canyon and Death Valley national parks. His Park Ranger experience and love for traveling, adventure, and the great outdoors gave him inspiration to write the tales of The Princess and the Valley Man.



Malgorzata Barcikowska-NazarczukMalgorzata Barcikowska-Nazarczuk was born in 1975 in Malbork but living in Warsaw now.

She graduated from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Olsztyn and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Her works are admired in Poland and abroad.

She creates new projects, and her exhibitions and artistic shows are highly appreciated.

The greatest inspirations for the artist are two daughters, nature and dreams. She loves reading, designing, cooking and traveling. Drawing illustrations for books is one of her greatest childhood dreams.


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