#BookReview for Churchill – A Graphic Biography by Churchill: A Graphic Biography by Vincent Delmas, Christophe Regnault, Alessio Cammardella and A Foreword by Andrew Roberts #Churchill #Biography @penswordbooks #GraphicBiography

As well as being extremely well-drawn, this excellent book is extraordinarily factually accurate. It will attract a whole new generation to the splendor that is the story of Winston Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill is often referred to as the greatest Briton and is certainly one of the most important and central figures of the 20th Century. This graphic biography takes the reader from Churchill’s upbringing, through his military exploits and his experience of the First World War.

Best known for his role in the Second World War, this biography presents Churchill’s part in this conflict in a detailed yet inventive manner, making this huge event accessible for people of all ages and knowledge.After the graphic biography, there is a series of information pages on Churchill and the War, allowing for either background and supplementary knowledge for the biography, or to explore some of the ideas of the book in more detail.

The foreword by Andrew Roberts, one of the leading historians of Churchill, only serves to add more knowledge and insight to this book.This graphic biography is a unique depiction of the life of Winston Churchill. It places his story in the context of the times whilst enabling the reader to truly visualize the key moments in his life and career. They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and this book proves this point exquisitely.



I read this book the day that it arrived – I had been looking forward to reading it – and it was well worth the wait and a real difference from the run of the mill, standard biographies that you can get on Winston Churchill – and as the book stays from the outset in the Foreword, there are over 1,000 available…

I thought that this was an excellent book – it claims to be a graphic biography and that is exactly what you get – The book focuses on key moments in his life and career and I thought that it was superb and the images in the book are stunning too.

It is 4.5 stars from me for this one, rounded up to 5 stars for Goodreads and Amazon – it was a stunning piece of work, the introduction was spot on and the images used are perfect – very highly recommended!