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‘You showed us all what a fantastic big brother you are!’

As Passover draws near, Eitan is excited about singing the Ma Nishtana – the Four Questions – as he does every year on Seder night. But the Ma Nishtana is supposed to be sung by the youngest at the Seder table and this year, to Eitan’s consternation, his little sister Libby finally thinks she is ready for the job.

Grandma tries to keep the peace: ‘Maybe you could teach your sister to sing the Four Questions? ‘ she suggests to Eitan. ‘She can sing next year, ‘ he shrugs. ‘Why don’t you sing it together?’ Grandma tries. But Libby will not hear of it. Despite Eitan’s best efforts, Libby stands firm: she is the littlest and she will sing the Mah Nishtana.

When Seder night finally arrives, the whole family gather together. They all take turns to read from the Haggadah and, when it is time for the Mah Nishtana, they turn to Libby. She looks nervous: the words don’t come out, until Eitan finds himself helping her and she sings her first Mah Nishtana perfectly.

Beautifully illustrated and charmingly told, this story celebrates the challenges and joys of family, festivities and the all-important, Four Questions.



Who Will Ask the Four Questions is a very sweet story and I thought it was lovely.

The book focuses on Eitan and Evie, a brother and sister who both want to sing “Ma Nishtana” to celebrate Seder night. The book has a strong focus on learning traditions, overcoming frustration and strength in confidence and I loved these underlying themes in the book.

I thought that the images were excellent and they worked so well with the story, it was easy to read and follow and a delightful book that can be read by all children to help them learn more about others cultures – very highly recommended!!