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In this timeless, mythical tale of unforgiving justice and elusive grace, rural Mississippi townsfolk shoulder the pain of generations as something dangerous lurks in the enigmatic kudzu of the woods.

The town of Red Bluff, Mississippi, has seen better days, though those who’ve held on have little memory of when that was. Myer, the county’s aged, sardonic lawman, still thinks it can prove itself — when confronted by a strange family of drifters, the sheriff believes that the people of Red Bluff can be accepting, rational, even good.

The opposite is true: this is a landscape of fear and ghosts — of regret and violence — transformed by the kudzu vines that have enveloped the hills around it, swallowing homes, cars, rivers, and hiding a terrible secret deeper still.

Colburn, a junkyard sculptor who’s returned to Red Bluff, knows this pain all too well, though he too is willing to hope for more when he meets and falls in love with Celia, the local bar owner. The Deep South gives these noble, broken, and driven folks the gift of human connection while bestowing upon them the crippling weight of generations. With broken histories and vagabond hearts, the townsfolk wrestle with the evil in the woods — and the wickedness that lurks in each and every one of us.



I thought that this book was fantastic!

The plot was so well developed and the author did an excellent job bringing the story to life for me. It was well planned out and well-crafted and it was a book that had me hooked – I was not putting this one down until I had read the very last page! I loved the setting for the book and it really suited the story and gave it an added extra boost, the book was dark too in all the right places.

I thought that the characters were very well developed and worked well with the story and each other, they were down to each and genuine – their interaction was perfect for me and really added to the story.

It is 5 stars from me for this one, I really enjoyed it and thought that it was a great story – very highly recommended!!

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