#BookReview for The Third Reich in 100 Objects: A Material History of Nazi Germany by Roger Moorhouse @Roger_Moorhouse @penswordbooks @greenhill_books #TheThirdReichin100Objects

“Insightful commentary on the tangible relics of the Third Reich . . . Tells the history of the Nazi regime from a fascinating new perspective” (Military History Monthly).

Hitler’s Third Reich is covered in countless books and films: no conflict of the twentieth century has prompted such interest or such a body of literature. Here, two leading World War II historians offer a new way to look at the subject—through objects that come from this time and place, much like a museum exhibit.

The photographs gathered by the authors represent subjects including the methamphetamine known as Pervitin, Hitler’s Mercedes, jackboots, concentration camp badges, a 1932 election poster, Wehrmacht mittens, Hitler’s grooming kit, the Tiger Tank, fragments of flak, and, of course, the swastika and Mein Kampf, among dozens more—along with informative text that sheds new light on both the objects themselves and the history they represent.



This is one of my favourite ways to tell history – through the objects that would have been in use, or around at the time, I really love that they can link social history back to them too.

This book provides a great insight in to some of the lesser well known objects and some that are a little unexpected too!  What this book gives the reader is a wide range of objects that illustrate all aspects of life of that period, from politics to the normal, mundane life and I liked that there is such a real variety and it is not solely down to just what was associated with Hitler himself, there was after all more than just him in The Third Reich and it is a refreshing change to see this having a different focus in the main.

There are so many objects that could have been chosen for this book, I love the ones that Roger Moorhouse has chosen – I am sure that it was not an easy task to select the ones he has and I am sure there would be scope for a follow up to this book too if there was interest I for one would definitely be keen to read it!

It is 5 stars from me for this one, this was a fascinating book and I have told my husband, who also has a strong interest in WWII, to read this one as soon as possible – I loved the different way of broaching this subject and it is one for me that stands out from other books that cover this period – very highly recommended!!