#BookReview for Serial Killers: The World’s Most Evil by Nigel Blundell @penswordbooks @PenSwordeBooks #SerialKillers #TrueCrime

On an internationally acknowledged Scale of Evil, these are the worlds worst serial killers. The qualifications for entry to this list of the vilest criminals of all time are a propensity for sadism, torture and murder without a shred of remorse.

Using expert evidence, this book looks behind the shocking headlines and delves into the minds of monsters. What drove them to crime? What turned seemingly ordinary members of society into sick slayers. How did they self-justify their heinous deeds? And, quite simply, how did they get away with murder?

Included in this catalog of the worlds most evil killers are men who committed crimes so monstrous that they almost defy belief yet to their neighbors and work colleagues seemed quite normal.

Dennis Rader was a respected pillar of society yet set out on nightly killing sprees. David Parker Ray was just an average working guy but had a torture chamber in his backyard. Fred and Rose West raised a large extended family yet violently abused and murdered their own children.

These are examples of the killers who sank to the darkest depths of depravity. Find out what made them such monsters in Serial Killers: The Worlds Most Evil. 


I do love a good true crime book and a binge read on serial killers and I thought that this one was great!

I really liked the layout and the chapter length was spot on, it made the book a punchy read and was on that I could dip in and out of reading a few chapters here and there.

There was just the right amount of detail on each of those mentioned too so you could use the book as an introduction if needed and go away to read more about the different serial killers mentioned.

It was concise and kept to the main facts too and didn’t have a lot of waffle as some books do, it did not sensationalise the killings either but it does go to show how evil some people really can be.

It is 4 stars from me for this one, highly recommended!